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Ion Exchange Technology

Ion exchange (IX) is a method of removing undesirable metallic salt ions dissolved in an aqueous stream by exchanging them with other ions attached to a media, such as a synthetic resin.  This  reversible chemical process occurs because ions have differing affinities for the resin and will replace those ions with less affinity or attraction as they flow over the media.  The ions that are most often used as the exchange ions are sodium and chloride.  Some of the ions that may be removed are calcium, magnesium, iron, uranium, nitrate, bicarbonate, carbonate, sulfate, and hydroxide.  Eventually, the resin will be saturated with the undesirable ions.  Depending on the application, the resin may be regenerated on site, regenerated at a central regeneration facility, or be replaced and disposed.  Water softeners use ion exchange to remove the hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium, and replace them with sodium or potassium ions to make the product water less likely to form scale on pipes, appliances, and fixtures.

AdEdge Technologies has systems for uranium reduction using AD92 IX resin.  This resin has a very high capacity for uranium removal and is not as susceptible to organic fouling as other resins.  It is easily and effectively regenerated with sodium chloride on site which provides a cost-effective way to extend the effective life of the media, reducing operating costs. Frequently Asked Questions: Uranium Removal

Nitrate removal systems using AD IX are also available from AdEdge for drinking water systems or industrial waste streams that need to reduce the nitrate level to comply with EPA standards.  This resin is designed specifically for removal of nitrate ions and is regenerated with sodium chloride on site to minimize costs.

AdEdge AD92 Anion Exchange media: AD92 IX

Ion Exchange technologiy can also be used for Radium removal applications.

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AdEdge AD92 Anion Exchange Media

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